Sunday 9 September 2018

Party Political Broadcast on behalf of ITBB

(In the absence of anything interesting to say about the Andrew Marr show apart from wasn’t Yo Yo Ma sweet, aged seven?) 

Antisemites and Corbynites frequently blame Jews for ‘championing’ open borders. If there’s any truth in this accusation, and it seems that there is, it stems from the fact that they (Jews) ‘know what it’s like to be a refugee’ and it would be hypocritical to forget their own desperate plight and to deny others refuge in their hour of need.

Behind that is a willful blindness to the virulent antisemitism within Islam, which leads to the inability to confront the fact that the religion of peace is more akin to the actual Nazis than to their victims; in other words, the current crisis is neither a parallel situation nor a matter of moral equivalence.

Add to that the general assumption that being devoutly religious is widely perceived as a virtue, no matter what or which. The over-simplified conflation between “all refugees” -  asylum seekers and economic migrants - has propagated a sinister cabal of hyped-up, left-wing social justice warriors and hate mongers.

Now that certain Labour MPs are facing the stark reality of their dilemma - should I go or should I stay? - it’s disappointing to see, say, Chuka Umunna hanging his ‘calling-Jeremy-out’ stance onto his personal ‘Remain’ stance. 

Obviously, Corbyn would have something to gain from making the Labour Party the Remain Party. Theresa May’s weak position is crying out to be exploited in such a way. 

The opposite side of the coin is that Corbyn’s antisemitism is crying out to be denounced vociferously, condemned publicly and exploited politically, but the Conservatives haven’t bothered to do so. It’s as if they’re as uninterested in and unmoved by the topic as the wider public appears to be. This is disappointing and appalling and gives some credibility to the claim that antisemitism comes from the right. Are the Tories hoping to draw support from a different demographic?

Howard Jacobson has written a witty and clever essay on the subject of Corbyn, but he too has hung his argument rather too firmly on a Remain peg, which, for me, blunts the message and dilutes the sting. Or the other way round.

Rabbi Sacks surprised us with his forthright message, but he too spoilt it with his allusion to Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, which one might argue was less a matter of racism than a prescient analysis of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. (i.e., sociology)

Anyway, that was an ITBB political party broadcast in the form of a collection of personal disappointments to add to the disappearance of The Sunday Politics and the general dumbing down of everything.


  1. It is very interesting that The Conservatives seem to be watching the anti-semitism row from the stands rather than getting on the pitch.
    Why? What have they got to gain from doing nothing? Are they hiding something? Or do Labour need no help?

    Is it to do with 250,000 votes vs 3,000,000 votes.

    I’m not sure about this - but there must be a good reason

    1. I read somewhere that the Muslim vote is 90% for Labour, so I think that's the reason The Conservatives don't particularly attack Corbyn is a different one.
      My guess is that they don't want to displace Corbyn or cause a break away party to form before the next GE. May only survives as Leader because the Labour alternative is so awful.

    2. I didn't think it was that high but it seems it is, nearly - over 80%

      Equally important is just the way most Sharia promoters view politics. Lord Sheikh has been quoted as indicating that Muslims would feel they had been let down by the Conservatives because of Boris Johnson's Burka comments. He clearly sees it as a question of a community offering political support and expecting benefits in return. What benefits you need to ask.

      But that 80% plus figure is extremely concerning...Labour strategists will be thinking - if we can grow the 3 million population to 15 million...that's probably 7 or 8 million adult votes in the bag! A huge, huge number.

      A very depressing thought.

      I think it's also true

    3. Yes of course they are strategizing and planning for that. Although there will be a point where it's no longer the Labour party and becomes the Islamic party. And, as the BBC informs us, those Islamic theocrats are very Conservative!


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