Saturday 1 December 2018

BBC coyness

There's a striking difference in the reporting this evening of the resignation of Labour shadow minister Kate Osamor between Sky's online report and the BBC's online report. 

Ms Osamor's resignation follows allegations of misconduct made by a national newspaper.
The Times also said Ms Osamor told a reporter who approached her for a comment at her home this week that she "should have come down here with a bat and smashed your face in". She allegedly told him to "f*** off" before throwing a bucket of water on him and calling police.


  1. Coy pond weed.

    The comments are funny.

    I am one of a few not able to read the original referred to.


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    The state of this thread. He’s basically saying it’s ok for an MP to lie & to talk about violently assaulting a journalist as long as that MP is a black woman because there aren’t many other black women MPs. Okeydokes. …
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    However earlier today I did copy in the BBC to ask how tricks were....

    Alastair Thompson


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    "At her home last night Ms Osamor told a reporter... who asked for her response to the story, that she "should have come down here with a bat and smashed your face in."

    -Labour's Shadow International Development Secretary, Kate Osamor, who 'misled public' over her son's arrest.
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    General Boles

    Front page of tomorrow's Times - 4th paragraph OMG 😮😮😮
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  2. Sometimes there are things the globalist elite can protect someone (Vaz, Warsi, Mandelson, Mark Thompson) against...other times there are things they can't protect you against.

    1. Iirc Guido has listed the attrition rate of the thick, venal or combo specials from the Labour benches. It is almost like the qualifications to gain lucrative perches in the highest office of the land is a bad joke.

  3. Going by that report quoted above, she threw a bucket of water on him before calling the police. What - to report herself for having assaulted him by said water throwing?
    Is she being charged by the wonderful plod with the crime? Even if not, I could say that was a hate crime, and as a bystander, or rather a distant byreader, I am allowed to report it and they have to register it as a hate incident.


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