Saturday 1 December 2018


The BBC News website's 'Viewpoint' articles from non-BBC people are often revealing. The latest one, newly tweeted about by BBC News, is this:

Comments could be going better. The top one reads, "Taking the texture, joy and beauty out of life one column at a time."


  1. I'm waiting for the one that says "Men should refuse to comment when a woman asks 'How do I look in this?' because it is demeaning for both genders." That will be a blessed relief! - after years of lying, prevarication and - sometimes it's necessary - relationship-risking honesty, unless you want to be held personally responsible for a choice you never made.

  2. I sometimes wonder what sort of world it is that the BBC actually want. Do they know themselves? Obviously it will be degenderised...but to what extent...will genetically altered beings with no genitals but bearing convenience labels of man and woman (so that lesbianism and gayness can continue) be the shape of things to come (or not come I should say)...or do they want an exclusively female world, where science delivers man-free procreation. Possibly so. Or are they just happy to see the robots take over? Robots could be programmed to not believe in fairy tales.

    But what will they say when their favourite religion reacts with riots and threats of violence to such blasphemy...?

    Does the BBC know what it wants? I doubt it.


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