Saturday 1 December 2018

Making an introduction

Spot the use of labels - and the non-use of labels here - from Evan Davis on Wednesday's PM.
Well, no one can speak for the whole population of Leavers, but let's talk to Claire Fox, the director of the Academy of Ideas, who is sympathetic to the Leave cause, and political commentator Steve Richards. Very good evening to you both.
Though he does quite a bit of presenting for BBC Radio 4, Steve Richards is a Remainer who wants Brexit scrapped, but - being the BBC - was he ever likely to have been introduced as such like the likes of Evan? 

(Very interesting discussion though).


  1. He's more than a Remainer, he's a Remainiac, a true believer as was evident from his unpleasantly barbed interventions.

  2. Still recall with fondness the breathless tweets of one Laura K on how the sun-god that is Ed Miliband illuminated the darkest room as he made an entrance, vs. the skulking shambles that was David Cameron coming into a room.

  3. Speaking of the blonde bombshell, this (licking my wounds in attempting links,) raised a few eyebrows:
    Laura Kuenssberg (@bbclaurak)
    30/11/2018, 22:29

    Another bites the dust - just as Gove comes out to back the PM (at last) one of next generation of Tory ministers quits in protest…

    'At last'?

    1. No Sprechen BBC? It's like the BBC reporter who talked about the "hope" that the Labour leadership would come out in favour of a second referendum.

      I think they genuinely don't realise it when they make these little bias doesn't even register on their radar as obvious bias.


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