Saturday 15 December 2018

More hardline activity from the BBC

A TV Eyes scan of BBC One, BBC Two and the BBC News Channel from the 1st December till now reveals 4 uses of 'hardline conservative', 11 uses of 'hardline Brexiteers', 2 uses of 'hardline Hindus' and 2 uses of 'hardline' in connection with Frances's Yellow vests.

The BBC reporters and presenters responsible (besides BBC newsreaders) are David Willis, Alex Forsyth, Rob Watson, Jon Pienaar (frequently), Emily Maitlis and Hugh Schofield. 

So: conservatives, Brexiteers, Hindus and Yellow vests. 

There was a use of 'hardline Remainers' but it was by a BBC guest. Naturally. 

The first time we did an extended survey of this there were, of course, lots more 'hardline Brexiteers' (and variations thereon), but also uses referring to President Trump's immigration policies, a Second World War era Japanese governor, Germany's right-wing interior minister, "hardline tax-cutting conservatives" in the US, the right-wing Austrian government for its stance on immigration, the populist Italian and conservative Hungarian governments for their stance on immigration, European governments in general who oppose mass immigration, the conservative CSU in Germany (for opposing Mrs Merkel over immigration), a right-wing politician in Turkey (Meral Ak┼čener), "hardline clerics" opposed to women drivers in Saudi Arabia, and Italy's Matteo Salvini.

I'm still seeing a pattern here. Aren't you?

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  1. Yes. What I'm not seeing though is telling. I never see anyone who is relentlessly and unreservedly pro immigration, regardless of numbers, status, legality, bona fides or merits involved, as hardline. But then that would be the BBC describing itself. Of course it wouldn't because it regards itself as far too lofty to be judged and characterised.


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