Saturday 1 December 2018

THE clear and present danger

Andrew speaks (or tweets rather):



  1. I see Andrew Neil has been perusing these pages and stole my "clear and present danger" reference from earlier in the week... :)

    I had used it in reference to Farage's support for Sharia law in the UK (as long as you don't shout about it).

    It would interest to unpack Neil's comment but I think only he could. The Chinese weren't exactly non-cocky through the 90s and noughties were they? Neither was Kim. Neither was Mugabe.

    What has changed in the democracies is the determination of powerful globalist elites to overturn democratic decisions (Brexit and Trump's election to the highest office being two obvious examples but there are more).

  2. Oh! Look over there! (As we become ever more authoritarian and restrictive back home).

    And on other BBC News, "Who will win 'Strictly'?"

    1. Who will win Strictly? Someone who fits the narrative I guess?


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