Sunday 2 December 2018

"I think we pitch it about right"

The Real Simon McCoy

A minor point, but it amused me and regular readers will hopefully appreciate it too. 

And if they don't, well, I think we've broadly landed in the right place

The BBC News Channel's much-appreciated Simon McCoy was on Samira Ahmed's Newswatch this week and was asked, "Are you in danger of letting your on-screen persona take over the news?", to which he replied, "I think we pitch it about right".

Alas, he wasn't being deadpan there, so that's another one for the collection. 


  1. I think you pitch it about left Simon.

  2. Si, mate... you lot dug up the pitch back in the day with the orange South African Labour bloke you like, who is now a Lord. And still here.


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