Sunday 2 December 2018

At last, and belatedly perhaps...

As per a comment from Peter, here's Laura K:

That "at last" is a distinct touch of editorialising. 

And it's a firmer version of what she said on the Today programme yesterday morning, where she said, with added 'perhaps' figleaf: 
There is some comfort for Theresa may from Michael Gove who is, belatedly perhaps. urging his Brexiteer colleagues to get on board with the deal.
Where you agree with her or not, these really are bursts of opinion. Or, to put it another way, little bias slips. 


  1. We should be diversity-aware and accept that Laura is not like others and yet,though that is the case, can nevertheless contribute to our happy community of agreeers (new word, copyright claimed).

    The truth is that LK suffers from (sorry - "is bravely facing the challenges of") that horrible "Perhapsmaybeitis" disease which causes her to litter her prognostications with "perhaps", "maybes", "yets and "buts" (each one over-emphasised vocally e.g. "Yaaairtt").

    Given her "status", I think we have to agree she cannot be expected to meet even the most basic of impartiality requirements as contained in the BBC Code (NB most ignored document since Stalin's 1936 Soviet Constitution regarded at the time as a model of human rights legal embedding).

    1. I find that LK is just not very good.
      A feature of PC and the related over promotion of the average is a fall in quality and standards. But hey what does the BBC care?


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