Saturday 29 December 2018

"And on a happier note, we're relieved that..."

The blurb for this year's Correspondents Look Ahead provided the opening words spoken by Lyse Doucet herself. You'll note that she openly speaks for the BBC on the matter of the climate change conference in Paris here:


  1. In line with her opening paragraph about "a world which constantly takes us by surprise...", I think she is referring to that same collective 'us', being the generality of people. She speaks for 'us', even if it is what the BBC thinks, and 'us' may or may not.

    1. @Anon metroliberals are not empathetic enough to realise that this country has DIVERSITY of thought. Being lib-supremacists they think there is only one true Correct-Think and we should all CONFORM.
      ... Yes Orwellian

  2. The Global Warming words
    "we’re relieved that, as the year ends a climate change conference in Poland did manage to save the Paris pact, and maybe our world."
    There should be obvious diversity in thought's about Paris.
    to pick threee
    #1 True holy believers
    #2 Climate alarmists , who realise the maths of Paris deal are rubbish and that it does little to reduce CO2
    #3 Skeptics who believe alarmists are a bunch of dramaqueens whovastly overstate things, so there is not a super urgent threat from CO2, and in addition the maths of Paris reduction plan are rubbish.


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