Saturday 9 October 2021


I was going to write something about the madness of this week's #SackLauraK, but I think ex-BBC journalist Giles Dilnot put it sufficiently crisply yesterday:
Wait, so a hashtag calling for the sacking of a journalist is trending today over a suggestion in a 2 day old tweet from another journalist that wasn't true, uncorroborated by anybody, deleted, withdrawn, apologised for...BS. Sheesh this place is an utter tribal madhouse at times. Said hashtag has had 7000 tweets associated. Seven thousands calls to sack someone for something that never happened. Bonkers.
As for the Daily Telegraph journalist who started it off, and then merely linked to his own newspaper's rebuttal while refusing to let anyone reply to his correcting tweet, Giles added:
Dominic Penna, you ok with all this? I wouldn’t have been.

If you missed it all, Mr Penna tweeted that Laura Kuenssberg had a 'dance battle' and 'rap-off' at the Conservative Party conference. And the far-left and the pro-EU #FBPE then piled in, assuming it was real, and #SackLauraK went wild. The BBC Press Office put out a statement saying there was no truth in it, as did the Telegraph.

The other part of his tweet, however, was that Lewis Goodall did 'a Theresa May' and performed Dancing Queen after asking if there were any 'Tory scum' in the audience - which I assumed was a joke, except that he most definitely did sing Dancing Queen at the Conservative Party conference [badly]:

I note, in passing, that #SackLewisG didn't trend, even despite that performance.

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