Monday 18 October 2021

Op-ed: To be clear...

Whether we're on borrowed time here or not, I'm still going to say it... 

I'm watching the lovely, touching, often funny tributes to Sir David Amess in the House of Commons, and it's just bizarre. 

What I saw enacted by Andrew Marr & Co. on The Andrew Marr Show yesterday was reenacted on the floor of Parliament today.

From what we know, Sir David was allegedly killed by a Muslim terrorist inspired by his faith and an Islamist ideology.

Muslim terrorists have been mass-murdering members of the public and slaughtering people in our armed forces and policemen, etc, for some 16 years now here in the UK.

As a country, we've suffered horrific attack after horrific attack. 

It appears that this time, however, for the first time, one of them randomly selected and murdered an MP. 

Yet, despite this, the political/media class - including the BBC - still keeps on underplaying/denying the specific circumstances surrounding this attack whilst hiding away the bloody trail of similar Islamic terror attacks in the UK over the years. 

Instead of seeing this as the latest culmination of an ongoing Islamist assault from within, they've largely changed the subject and shifted the focus onto things like social media abuse of MPs and MPs' security.

And the 'something must be done' impulse is, this time, resulting in angry demands for regulation of social media - i.e. censorship... if the ghastly unpleasantness rampant on Facebook and Twitter is the main thing responsible for this assassination, rather than Sir David being seen for what he unfortunately probably is: merely the latest, most high-profile victim in a hideous ongoing religiously-motivated Islamist war against us by hostile people now living among us.

I truly don't understand why the political/media class is getting away with deluding themselves and diverting us, the public, from what seems to have specifically motivated this killing by harping on about things that are certainly important but seem barely relevant to the murder of Sir David Amess.

My only hope is that the public is seeing through this. Though what they can do about it if they do is, alas, another matter entirely.

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