Sunday 10 October 2021

Sunday morning


Well done to Morecambe's very own world-beating boxer Tyson Fury!

The BBC's report on his triumph has a couple of adverts for other BBC output at the bottom of it, which don't seem entirely relevant:

I think I'll pass on those.


Talking of advertising on the BBC, the BBC is hardly free of adverts as they deluge viewers with plugs for other BBC programmes between programmes. 

But at least they don't put them in the middle of programmes....

....except, that is, if your watching the news and see a plug for, say, an upcoming Panorama disguised as a news report. 

The Mail on Sunday claims however, that it goes a lot further than that. They suggest that the BBC is using Strictly Come Dancing as a ''walking advert for other shows'' as eight out of this year's 15 celebrity contestants are already working for the BBC. Did they enlist an EastEnders actress because EastEnders's viewing figures have falling to an all-time low? Did they enroll one of the new team captains on Question Of Sport because that show's new line-up hasn't proved a hit so far? Are they promoting new Newsround presenter Rhys Stephenson because ''sources say that he is being lined up to be a future superstar of the network''? Is BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker walker on because of the ratings battle with ITV's Good Morning Britain? etc, etc.

I wouldn't put it past them.


And talking of BBC Breakfast, [h/t Guest Who], it's charm all round this Sunday morning: 
Rob Chisholm [BBC viewer]: Glad that BBC Breakfast doesn't have Naga Munchetty on the sofa again. It's a far more pleasant and professional programme without her snide & irritating comments. Long may the lack of Naga Munchetty on our screens continue. 
Naga Munchetty [BBC presenter]: Ah Rob. Thank goodness there's someone else who is also 'snide & irritating' out there. Phew! Long may your own lack of pleasantness continue. X

I see from his Twitter profile that Rob is, among other things, a Royal British Legion Rider and a an RAF Veteran and that his 'pinned tweet' recommends a 'Coffee and Cake To Go For Paramedic Heroes', plus he has a union flag in his profile. No wonder they don't like each other!


The Mail on Sunday also reports that Match of the Day ''WILL continue to show Premier League teams take the knee each week - despite a growing amount of players choosing not to perform the gesture''. A BBC spokesperson said: ‘Match Of The Day’s editorial brief is to provide coverage of all aspects of the Premier League. The ongoing anti-racism statements made by all teams is an important part of the current football narrative.’ Ah, the BBC and their narratives!

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