Sunday 20 September 2015

"England, of course"

There was a very odd moment on this morning's Broadcasting House on Radio 4. During the paper review, former BBC chief political correspondent John Sergeant said the following:
I think one of the long-term problems I see is when the refugees are interviewed they seem to answer all the time in English. And somebody says, "Where would you like to go to?" And they say, "Germany". Correct answer. And then they say, "But where would you really like go to?" and they say "England, of course". It's quite telling, isn't it?
Well, it certainly sounds as if it is - except that I've never heard such an exchange on the BBC. Have any of you?


  1. Yes, just once, perhaps twice on Radio 4.

    On other occasions I have also heard refugees asked where they would like to go, sometimes a group, and one will say "England" or "Oookay". The interviewing of refugees however, along with fact-finding and reporting, does not appear to have been the finest that the BBC can produce.

    Is that an understatement?

  2. Unfortunately, Sargeant's comment was only an opportunity for a bit of self-congratulating about how Britain is the most tolerant and mature country on earth. Digby Jones raised the problem of the inevitability that the influx of hundreds of thousands of people will never stop, and how do you decide to change the character of an area. Nice effort, but falls far short of reality. As he surely well knows, many at the BBC and on the Left think it would be incredibly wonderful to change the country. Not because they want it to be a Muslim country, but simply because of their juvenile hatred for the phantasm of an unfair, patriarchal, racist, Victorian-era caricature they think they live in.

  3. PS: I see Kevin "Teabagger" Connolly has escaped the Zionist entity and is safely ensconced in the warm womb of Radio 4, just like Mark Mardell and Justin Webb. I guess that's because it's the only channel dealing with current affairs (and where else are the going to go? There aren't enough Leftoid opinion-monger spots on other networks to go around) but it does say something about its intellectual and ideological makeup.

  4. Therein lies another issue with mass migration...

    What's it going to do to native European languages? Are these migrants going to learn German? We can already see that the cultural currency of other (particularly) North European languages has massively decreased. If the migrants only speak broken English, it's going to get much worse.

    As for the UK, our language is perhaps one of the reasons we're so burdened - the immigrants want to come here because they already know a few words. But now we're going to have to dumb down our language and accents so they can understand us.

    The whole world may be speaking bland EFL. Further proof that multiculturism destroys culture.

  5. Not from staff, no.

    On HYS threads, yes. Then they close.


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