Saturday 12 September 2015

"Usual disclaimers"

More shenanigans on Twitter, I'm afraid....

Former Tory MP Louise Mensch tweeted the following a few hours ago:

As she somewhat clipped the top of the 'disgusting' tweet, here it is again showing when it was posted:

Esra Doğramacı (who I think Louise Mensch misdescribed as a 'BBC America journalist')  appears to have now deleted it and, shortly after, 'protected' her tweets.

This is the sort of thing the world had been able to see until a few minutes ago (just after I screengrabbed them):

And can you guess which country this one related to?:


  1. Be interested in what the legality of that meaningless disclaimer is, and what protection it actually affords her employers, especially on the 'impartial dna' front.

    They can't keep posting, deleting and pretending they have no responsibility or accountability.

    1. If they were posting or RTing pro-N**i propaganda on Twitter they would be out of their job before you could say Ann Robinson.

  2. That 1.5 million figure is complete hogwash - based on the completely unscientific Lancet study which never matched up with Iraqi death certificates or media reports and was conducted by known Ba'athists in a totally unsupervised manner. I would expect a journo with our public service broadcaster to know that - but have no real belief they would.

    As for the less than 3,000 figure that of course fails to take into account all the people who have died prematurely as a result of exposure to the poisonous dust.

    Aren't these BBC journos disgusting?

  3. Keep 'em coming, Beeboids. Just keep 'em coming.

  4. She claims the Iraqis were innocent...but not the Americans. Typical BBC trollop.


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