Sunday 20 September 2015

"More than a third are from Syria"

A couple of days ago Mark Urban told us that the Germans say only 20.1% of those seeking asylum in the country are actually Syrians. 

Yesterday Eurostat, the EU's official statistics agency, said that across the EU as a whole the figure for Syrian refugees is only one-fifth. 

Yet on the BBC News Channel just now BBC reporter Frankie McCamley stated:
It's thought nearly half a million migrants have crossed into Europe this year alone. More than a third are from Syria.
Where did she get that from?

Her report, incidentally, ended with the following heart-tugging image:


  1. More than a third are Syrian? That translates as most are not Syrian. So even the BBC should stop calling them Syrian refugees.

  2. Heart, and other organ-tugging news just in....

    Seems the BBC and reality are infrequent guests at the same soiree.


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