Monday 7 September 2015

The BBC's fightback appears to be continuing....

Newsnight has a poll out tonight (with ComRes) which seems to fly in the face of the other polls. (Fancy that!)

Yes, it partially reflects their findings that a majority of people are against an increased numbers of migrants - but it goes against them in highlighting that 40% of respondents want more migrants taken in.

The Mail on Sunday's poll, in contrast, offered people a range of alternative numbers (from 0-300,000) and found that even among the minority those who countenanced higher numbers, few countenanced much higher numbers and vanishingly few countenanced the high tens or hundreds of thousands. 

This Newsnight poll merely asked 'More, less, or same?'

The whole thing, however, gives the BBC News website the chance to headline its report about this:

Migrant crisis: UK public 'split' over taking refugees

Yeah, right!


  1. Given we have only taken in 279 Syrian refugees according to Newsnight "more" could mean 280 or any number above.

    It shows the poll was deliberately designed to elicit a particular answer. The fact it didn't actually shows the strength of public opinion AGAINST a Merkel-style response.

    With Mark Urban on duty in Germany we even got a glimmer of truth about what is really going on in Germany: increasing concern particularly in the Bavarian-based CSU about the numbers and the 60% who are not Syrian refugees.

  2. Typical BBC spin when they don't like the result. As we know from past experience, if the public mood ever shifts to a fraction of a percent in favor of more mass immigration, the BBC will report it as a landslide mandate majority.

  3. The fightback continues with Mark Mardell on PM. Apparently the views of an obscure French Mayor make for national news headlines here - well they do when they support more migrants being allowed into the UK.

    PM now officially stands for Politically Mendacious.

  4. A poll, you say? Commissioned by the BBC for the BBC? That gets run through the BBC filter before being analysed? And ends up agreeing with the BBC narrative?

    Shocked, I tell you... Shocked!


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