Thursday 3 September 2015

Refugee crisis, dead babies, and Kindertransport

There is an unfortunate trend towards citing Kindertransport to justify this country taking in more refugees. 
It goes without saying that there are so many differences in circumstances between parents trying desperately to save their children from Hitler’s final solution and families fleeing from Islamic-fueled turmoil or ‘looking for better lives’,  but if we simply see them all as people in dire need of rescue or sanctuary we should also be able to discuss what is actually meant by ‘taking in”.

Does it mean housing, feeding families and perhaps employing them? For how long? Does it include any conditions, like willingness to assimilate, for example?

Taking in ten thousand children between 1938 and 1940 whose parents were destined for the death camps and assigning them to volunteer host families is one thing, but Yvette Cooper’s suggestion, asking cash-strapped councils to provide for ten thousand families (who might not be entirely supportive of the British way of life) is another. 


We should devise a plan tout de suite. Perhaps shelter them temporarily until all the international, wealthy, stable countries co-operate to create safe places in or near the refugees’  countries of origin. Or something. 
Surely we cannot let the ’dead baby photo’ propaganda dictate knee-jerk foreign policy.

The previous Labour government’s open door immigration / multicultural / diversity policies have really cooked their goose as far as (the majority of) the public’s attitude to Muslim immigration is concerned, with the exception of the BBC and the Metropolitan Bubble we hear a lot about.

Look at our friend Abdul Muhid. He’s from London, believe it or not. Him and his beard want their passport back. Give it back! Some in - some out. 



  1. "The previous Labour government’s open door immigration / multicultural / diversity policies"

    The record since 2010 has been just as bad and in some cases has got worse eg. through the implementation of Free Schools - allowing Sharia education funded by the taxpayer.

    Last year over 600,000 foreigners entered the country.

  2. Ah yes, the Kindertransport?
    At least Alan Johnson on Any Questions had heard of it-doubt that Ken Livingston would cite it as a precedent.
    And , as I listen to the serried ranks of teenage scribblers hitting Twitter and the "agree" buttons on Facebook-who are paid for by the BBC and other bleeding heart Live Aid shills-they all remind me of wannabe Richard Dimblebys at the gates of Belsen, seeing a Moment In History for them to tell the turkey basting spawn of tomorrow "I was there".
    I`m sick of it...the Media really think that they`re leading us all into Utopia-whilst Islamic State laughs out loud.
    Was at Any Questions last night in Dorset-the Brownshirts of nice causes haven`t the first clue what`s soon to come-far easier to sharpen the Stanleys that their kids in London will have to reckon with.
    But as long as we can all bask in the glow of self-regard and virtue signalling-who cares?
    The BBC are utter scum.


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