Sunday 20 September 2015


Yes, I really wasn't thinking clearly enough yesterday when I transcribed that Lyse Doucet interview (with Sarah Montague) and failed to highlight the obvious bias in the following passage from it:
...these are people who we should be opening our hearts and homes too, but in the race to the front there's always the risk that those without the means or without the ability to move in this way will get lost again.
As David wrote in the comments, "This is beyond considering the humanity of one's subject and has become advocacy".

Talking about hearts...

Tonight at the northern end of the border several thousand more are setting out to join them on the march towards Slovenia and the Schengen Zone - the hopeful and the desperate, all testing the boundaries of Europe, the limits of its politics, its values and its hearts.
Unusually, that report didn't end with an image of a child but with a man painfully limping along a road.  

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