Thursday 17 September 2015

Naughty Boy

Mishal Husain had her schoolteacher’s voice on again while interrogating His Excellency Mr Péter Szabadhegy, the Hungarian Ambassador to the UK.

“What do you say to the accusation that your country is breaking the Geneva convention?” she said, accusingly.
He said: “200,000 migrants have crossed Hungary’s borders exceeding the population of our second largest city.”
Mishal was unsympathetic, and started making those impatient noises. The thrust of her interview, and she is not alone in this type of thrusting, was that all immigrants are the same. 

“Am I right in understanding that your own parents were refugees?” She said coldly.

Throughout this crisis, time after time, we get this superficial analogy between asylum seekers, economic migrants and all manner of refugees. Very often a comparison is made  - of all the comparisons,  in all the world - with Kindertransport. 

(Just ask MI5 if they think the 10,000 Jewish children, given sanctuary from the Nazis in 1938-40  posed any threat to the security of this country)   


  1. He should have replied by saying: "I am right in understanding you are a migrant - from Pakistan via Saudi Arabia and that you have never once uttered anything critical about either country?"

  2. There is no other proof needed that the BBC reckon themselves to be the last voice of Empire.
    Won`t these pica-ninnies know their place-and don`t they show any gratitude for signing Gaitskells spats to protest the USSR invading Hungary back in 1956?
    Frei, Thorpe and Husain?
    Frei tells me that the world is "proud of Germany"...but now the "moral underpinnings of Europe are endangered by their border closures.
    Thorpe says that Hungarys world reputation "is now in tatters".
    Only fat, bloated Barneys on manoevres from the local Marriot-on endless expenses and too much tongue to flap...would DARE to pass opinions on behalf of "The World" sovereign nations attempts to hold a nation together.
    Who voted for these hacks?
    And how DARE Husain, Kearney line up endless post grads from Cambridge or the UN/EU/Save the Children-all of `em!-to preced any questions to a Hungarian.
    That they actually STUCK to the EU law is a credit-and fat thanks they get for it.
    Since when did a persons parents become fair game for a BBC Muslim lefty to use by way of "argument"-and how long was this set up, in the planning?
    Disgraceful-the BBC have GOT to go.

  3. Yesterday, Evan Davies pronounced from the pulpit of Beebist moral outrage that Hungary had given an object lesson in how not to deal with migrants. That's purely an opinion - his personal opinion. He didn't even dress it ups with a "many people think".

    The migrant issue is a complex one and it is not clear that a "welcome all refugees" approach will end up with a better ethical outcome than the "build a fence" option of the Hungarians. In fact it could lead to a humanitarian disaster, cultural meltdown, political instability and ultimately violent conflict.

    1. Davis is right, though. Hungary could have done a much better job of closing their borders in a more photogenic manner.

    2. Of course we manage to avoid such scenes because we have 20 miles of sea water separating us from our "lot" in Calais - who are not getting any supplies from our government.

      The truth is that Hungary has done no more than defend its border - something that is expressly permitted by the UN Charter.

  4. This morning a Graun (close enough) breast-beater took a punt on far flung history, citing the Hugenots' passage to safety from France.

    As a descendant that resonated (like all these anonymous Hungarians the BBc keeps finding to recall what happened back in the day). Point taken... sort of.

    However, I rather immediately called to mind a few key differences, not recalling great, great, great, great... grampie Martin leaving Grannie and the kids behind to make the journey solo, pass through all sorts of friendly turf to get here, lobbing stones & making demands every step of the way.

    Plus I'm pretty sure the benefits system went as far as 'welcome... here's a shovel'. Which was duly picked up and turned in less than a generation into productive new members of the kind society joined.

    Looking at me and mine now, I'd also hazard that few know I am of Hugenot stock, as we do not gravitate to Hugenot ghettos, and it has never occurred to me to agitate for special status and the locals change to accommodate my cultural baggage.


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