Saturday 12 September 2015

YouTube if you want to

Here are a couple of YouTube videos that are well worth watching.

The first, Callers challenge BBC presenter over biased coverage of migrant crisis, is a selection of calls to BBC 5 Live presenter Stephen Nolan over a couple of nights earlier this month.

At the start Stephen dishes it out with a vengeance but towards the end the tables are well and truly turned as listeners call him out on his behaviour. He isn't happy, and I think it's fair to say he dishes it out a lot better than he takes it!

The second, INTERVIEW: Ex-EDL Leader Tommy Robinson interviewed by Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam, is (in a different way) hardly less intense, especially the section on his prison experiences, which - if true - are shocking (to put it mildly). A 40-minute interview with Tommy Robinson isn't something you'll ever see on the BBC (unless they ever start broadcasting show trials!). 

For those interested in the issue of BBC bias, the opening few minutes are particularly interesting. They touch on the media's (especially the BBC's ) coverage of the phenomenon of 'Asian street grooming gangs'. (I didn't know about Eastenders).

Watch for yourselves (if you wish) and please make up your own minds.


  1. I had a little respect for Nolan after listening to/watching him over the years, mostly thanks to David Vance's appearances. He obviously has his Leftoid views, and has clearly taken sides before, but in general made an effort to be at least open to fairness. He's even occasionally veered in the direction of common sense. At least I never got the impression that Nolan was as completely disingenuous and phoney as so many others. But I lost what little respect I had when he had the gall to play innocent about that caller's busting him for emotional blackmail. One of the most blatant examples of emotion and personal opinion blinding a broadcaster.

  2. We are all John Of Swansea....about time WE created a Twitchfork angry mob who`d make Nolan grovel for his nasty little comments to his poor sods of listeners.
    Nolan is rattled-be good to get a BBC head on a plate...haven`t his listeners suffered enough?
    Insomnia-then all that lefty slurry from Nolan...dripfeed?

  3. BBC employee in total control of the airwaves (a privilege the public is forced to pay for yet he sees as his exclusive playground, guarded by filters that clearly failed here) and what is broadcast mounts his high horse and tells credulous listeners that if they don't like what they are served... write to the complaints department operated by his colleagues and overseen by his colleagues in the Trust.

    What. A. Joke.


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