Friday 11 September 2015

Anna Holligan on Twitter

Talking about Anna Holligan, she's a prolific BBC tweeter

Here are all the tweets she posted about the migrant crisis from 2-26 August (before she began actively reporting on the issue for the BBC).

I think they reflect her present reporting:


  1. I've just been watching her Easter Day coverage of the post-attack memorials from Place de la Bource in Belgium. Her coverage was an over-emotional, attached and shamelessly biased attempt to propagandise her belief in "diversity" rather than offer any serious reportage.

    She had no interest in trying to make any objective assessment about the arrival of the group called "Casuals against Terrorism", and her accompanying tweets are littered with poor fact-checking and manipulation. "Casuals against Terrorism" may well be fascists, but her coverage was so unprofessional that from the outset she maked it almost impossible for the interested observer to make any personal judgement.

    These tweets betray her lack of critical distance:

    "Square divided - fascists confronting women in headscarves. Watch BBC news"

    followed a few minutes later by:

    "Group called themselves 'Casuals against terrorism' not 'fascists against terrorism' thx to those who captured better shot than us"

    This emotionalisation of journalistic practice is absolutely disgraceful; a real insult to the quality journalists that plied their trade with the Corporation in the (now distant) past.

  2. Yes I have seen this reporter today also, either side of a rugby match.
    I do not like the far right, no one does really, however increasingly over past years I have traversed centre ground to the right. Just sick of the reporting on matters like these as there is such an inherent bias to the left regardless. When the next attack happens, probably at the euro football champs in France, we will repeat the same scene of chalk on pavement and candles and illuminated tourist sites. At least these folks are showing a pride in there country, yes perhaps not in the most photogenic manner but none the less they are on the streets making there voices heard, exercising their democratic rights, I would not seek to be dismissive on these folks.

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