Sunday 20 September 2015

The Thoughts of Nick Thorpe, BBC

The main face of the BBC's coverage of the migrant crisis in Hungary has been Nick Thorpe. 

Here's a collection of some of his views on the situation, garnered from various places during the last month. 

Please see if you consider them to be free from bias:
This has been a pyrrhic victory for the Hungarian government. The economic costs are high. Its good name is in tatters.
          BBC News at One, 17th September
What happens when you seek a police solution to a humanitarian disaster? CHAOS at#Röszke
          Twitter, 8th September 
Many Hungarians, especially those fed a diet of anti-migrant vitriol on state radio and television, are suspicious of the thousands of people from other cultures now traipsing through their country.
Parallel to that, there is a hostility among some Hungarians to them. The government publicity has not helped that. I think it's whipped up a certain degree of xenophobia here. 
          BBC News Channel, 5th September
I think they're split, like in other countries in Europe. Hungarians are no harder-hearted I think than anyone else in Europe. Many people have been showing enormous sympathy.
          BBC News Channel, 5th September 
In these Hungarian stations you can witness the best and the worst sides of the Hungarian reaction to this crisis. Many stories of the indifference or even the hostility of the authorities, but also a remarkable outpouring of generosity from the Hungarian public. 
          Today, 24th August


  1. He has been slagging off Hungary for years. He is the embodiment of the stereotypical self loathing BBC lefty. Vile character. His twisted bias makes him unfit for his job.

    1. Meanwhile, in Australia, JonDon stirs as his ears tingle...

  2. Yes he is a nasty piece of work, just look at his sneering twitter: and this pack of lies: His hate spreading is deliberately divisive. He should not be allowed to do this. Disgusting of the BBC to allow it.

  3. See also Appeal to Governors about Nick Thorpe's from Our own Correspondent from July 2006

    1. That's one heck of a biased report from Nick Thorpe, Lynette. Thanks for pointing it out:

      "The Qassams mostly needle the Israelis, like pinpricks in the ankles of a giant, taunting him to stamp back with his big, US-issue army boots."

      "The giant is kicking out, then landing punch after punch on long-suffering Lebanon".

      Etc, etc.

  4. Shame on you Nick Thorpe, you should be working for the guardian and not the bbc

  5. Honestly, I do consider his articles to be free of bias. He is trying to pick up brioght sides of the Hungarian society as well and he stick to his idelaist believes like the one that "Hungarians are no harder-hearted I think than anyone else in Europe". This is quite contradictory to what the majority of Europeans belive today.


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