Sunday 30 April 2017

"Anyone out there?"

An intriguing glimpse into present-day BBC journalism here, sent out on Twitter by Mark Mardell earlier today:

Does that look as bad to you as it does to me (or am I missing something)? 


  1. Cheap sod. I used to have at least front up a pint.

    Going well for him so far.

    But a top BBC 'source' already secured, it seems, so good to go.

  2. TWTW was pretty appalling. Mardell frames all his Brexit questions in terms of difficulty and danger for the UK, as though the process is risk-free for the EU. Why didn't he ask the Estonian leader whether he should be wary of angering the Brits and so weakening our commitment to preserving Estonian independence in the face of Russian intimidation? Just as relevant as the softball questions he did lob his way, which simply reflected the EU negotiating position.

    He also allowed Helena Kennedy to get away with the suggestion that the ECJ, a full blown supranational supreme court, was the same as an arbitration tribunal for trade disputes agreed on an equal basis between two trading partners.

    1. Snap! I was writing my post about TWTW at the same time you were writing your comment. It certainly was pretty appalling.


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