Monday 3 April 2017

Changing priorities

It is interesting how news stories that have dominated the BBC News website for a day or two suddenly drop down the news agenda. 

The horrific killing of a young Kurdish-Iranian asylum seeker has been the lead story on the BBC News website for a couple of days and yet, this morning, has dropped to the 'small print' section of the BBC's home page main headlines as their 7th-placed story. 

Sky News, in contrast, still has it as their second story and ITV has it among their 'large-print' headlines as their 5th-placed story. 

Another difference between the three broadcasters is that both Sky and ITV have a major update on the story - the release of images of those the police want to question in connection with the attack:

...whereas the BBC's report includes no mention of the police's release of images, let alone the images themselves.

Presumably that's the BBC being 'cautious' again.


  1. Watertight oversight is a wonderful thing.

    Especially when deployed selectively.

  2. These photos did appear on BBC news at about 9am, but in later editions, the one on the left was dropped &, unless I'm much mistaken, the other two appeared to have become somewhat lighter than before...

  3. If the defence is they don't report this for social cohesion purposes how do they justify the reporting on the murder of Jo Cox? Surely that also caused unrest in the community.

    We all know the alternative arguement - this goes down the priority list because it doesn't fit the narrative we believe them to have.

  4. The BBC's commitment to diversity means they can't report this sort of thing. That mentality was supposed to have been put to rest by Helen "Hugs" Boaden years ago.


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