Sunday 30 April 2017

More Marr

I've written before about Andrew Marr's views on the Iraq War (and the various ways they've manifested themselves on the BBC over the years), so this morning's closing exchange with Theresa May didn't strike me as being entirely motivated by disinterested, devil's advocate questioning but by his belief that the Iraq War was wrong and his continuing anger at being "misled" about it at the time (as he himself put it last month): 
Andrew Marr: And you have raised again and again the question of Jeremy Corbyn. Can I put it to you that when it came to one of the most important votes that we've had in recent times, on the Iraq war, whatever you think of Jeremy Corbyn, he was on the right side looking at history, and you were on the wrong side. You went into the voting lobbies behind Tony Blair and voted for the Iraq War that had so many disastrous consequences, and he did the unpopular thing and stood against it. On that at least he was right and you were wrong. 
Theresa May: If we look at the choice in this election, the choice people will be making is who do they want to see as Prime Minister? Who do they want to see leading the Brexit negotiations? Who do they want to see defending this country? Jeremy Corbyn has shown is that he's not prepared to stand up for defence of this country and his economic policies simply don't stand up...
Andrew Marr: If you knew then what you know now, would you still have voted for the Iraq War? 
Theresa May: Well, that's a hypothetical, Andrew. You can only vote...
Andrew Marr (interrupting): Well, it was fairly clear.
Theresa May: any point in time on what you know...
Andrew Marr (interrupting): Do you regret voting for it?
Theresa May: I voted in the way I thought was right when that vote came into Parliament. 
Andrew Marr: But he was right on that and you were wrong. Isn't that the truth? 
Theresa May: I voted in the way I believed was right when the vote came to Parliament.

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