Saturday 15 April 2017

Priorities (2)

It could have been confidently predicted that Kelvin MacKenzie's suspension from The Sun would be made one of the BBC's top news stories. It's currently the 2nd-ranked story on the BBC News website. (ITV, in contrast, has it has its 10th-ranked story).

The BBC's report is striking for its weighting against Mr MacKenzie. His response to the criticism gets just 29 words, only 2 of which are direct quotes. His critic, the Mayor of Liverpool, in contrast, is given 262, of which 91 are direct quotes. (ITV's article is much more carefully balanced). 

Another of the Sun's media rivals, The Daily Telegraph, unlike the BBC, at least quotes Kelvin MacKenzie's response in full: "I had no idea of Ross Barkley's family background and nor did anybody else. For the mayor of Liverpool and a handful of others to describe the article as racist is beyond parody."

In much of its coverage of stories concerning the Murdoch media, the BBC can often seem to display a 'vindictive streak'. 


  1. Ah - yes - made the same point on the previous "Priorities" post. Isn't it a bit weird that they don't give any response from Kelvin MacK? Or even a "has refused to comment". No - he has already been found guilty by the BBC of Himmleresque racism.

  2. It's not just the bBBC's anti-Murdoch bias. The beeboids have completely immersed themselves in the Scouse 'culture' - violent, whingeing, vengeful, everyone else owes them a living.
    Unfortunately the bBBC refuses to broadcast a Radio Cheshire, so the million+ residents of that county have whingeing Scousers inflicted on us every day.

    1. I won't gloat that Radio Lancashire isn't so afflicted!

    2. Not that I listen to Radio Lancashire very often.


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