Friday 14 April 2017

Breaking news...

It's been said before that the BBC is often late with certain kinds of 'breaking news'. Today's horrific murder of a young British woman by a terrorist in Jerusalem, for example, was reported by ITV and Sky over half an hour before the BBC put out a very tentative 'breaking news' report.


  1. I'm concerned that the BBC is giving away too much information there. How about "Person killed in Middle East region: motivation still not certain."? Just trying to help...

  2. Replies
    1. The headline has now changed to "Jerusalem stabbing: British woman killed in tram attack".

  3. I'd imagine it's due to complaints from the wider train community;

    "You think we all look alike! dont you realise that it was a tram not a train!? Railist!"

  4. Thomas the Tank Engine, a community spokesperson for the Train Council of Britain told the Guardian "The idea of the runaway train is deeply embedded in our railist, trainophobic culture."

  5. I notice that in the report the only mention of the attacker was a "a 57 year old palestinian recently released from a mental hospital". Now maybe it's just me, but anyone who commits murder in the name of religion is mentally ill ? A criminal too.

  6. The BBC on the Six o’clock News this evening, true to form made a point of informing us how many Palestinians had been killed in these attacks. Strangely, we never get these sort of statistics when terrorists are shot by the police in any other country in the world.

  7. Hey, at least the BBC headline wasn't "Rogue knife attacks British citizen in Jerusalem."


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