Sunday 23 April 2017

Mark Mardell's "very special guest"

Guess who?

Radio 4's Broadcasting House always features a plug for The World This Weekend and, as usual, Mark Mardell turned up midway to do the plugging. A huge thrill, however, was generated by Mark mysteriously announcing:
And we're hoping for a very special guest, but I can't tell you too much. It's a work in progress. so you'll have to tune in at One o'clock.
If you didn't listen to The World This Weekend, can you guess who this "very special guest" would turn out to be? The PM? Donald Trump? Vladimir Putin? Justin Bieber? Kim Jong-un? Me? Sue? The Pope? Ellie Harrison from Countryfile? God?  Henry, the mild-mannered janitor? The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? HM the Queen? Larry the Cat? 

The nation was absolutely gagging to know. 

And who did it turn out to be, waxing anti-Brexit for a quarter of a hour with very little harassment from Mark Mardell?

Here's a clue: His name is an anagram of 'Ton By Liar'.

I will admit to having been a wee bit disappointed...

...especially given that he's hardly been a rarity on the BBC in recent months. 

Now, in fairness to Mark Mardell, his election report from the Rhondda, South Wales was fascinating. 

This, of course, is Labour if-it-has-a-red-rosette-we'll-even-vote-for-that-sheep territory. 

Or was. Some have gone UKIP, others moved from the Socialist Workers Party to voting Conservative (yes, really). Some like Jeremy Corbyn, others don't trust him. And some will still be voting for that sheep with the red rosette. 

And at least one Corbynista wasn't happy on Twitter afterwards - and Mark wasn't happy right back at him: 

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  1. The tweeter should have said 'carefully chosen' rather than 'scripted'. Although I'm sure Mardell would insist that they simply couldn't find any Corbyn supporters willing to talk to them.

    Unfortunately, it's just more ammo for their Complaints From Both Sides defense.


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