Sunday 30 April 2017

Three Girls

Here's some quite surprising news...

As reported by the Mail on Sunday, the BBC is planning to broadcast a drama about the Rochdale grooming scandal over three consecutive nights in mid-May. 

The paper quotes a programme source saying:
The drama shows that there was something racial about the way that this gang of Asian men chose these white girls to abuse, like they were just meat. 
(From the Mail article it's pretty clear that the word "Asian" will be the preferred term.)  

Whether the drama will also examine whether there was "something religious" as well as "something racial" about the way the (Muslim) gang chose their (non-Muslim) victims is looking unlikely, at least from the write-up in the Mail.

The paper also goes on to say something striking, and includes another quote from that programme source: 
The £3 million drama will be screened over three consecutive nights from May 16 but the BBC is said to have considered delaying it until after the General Election.  
‘There has been a lot of concern about showing it before the Election because Right-wing groups like the EDL or Ukip may use it to their own advantage,’ said a programme source.
That certainly sounds like the kind of thing the BBC would do. 


  1. I now doubt the scheming BBC will delay
    Cos all the PR is poring out Sun, Mail on Sunday and now BBCAsianNetworks Nihal has retweeted his Asian lawyer friend :
    Apr 29
    nazir afzal @nazirafzal
    Peake, Sharpe & Ace Bhatti playing me!
    "Three Girls" about my prosecution of Rochdale groomers 16th-18th May BBC1

    1. Yes, it's looking as if it will go ahead. Agonising about UKIP somehow gaining from it is 'very BBC' though.


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