Saturday 29 April 2017

Not speaking truth to power

This afternoon's EU Summit press conference, starring Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker, featured a question from a BBC journalist, Chris Morris. 

Did Chris emulate the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg, Jon Sopel & Ian Pannell in 'speaking truth to power', as they all did so ostentatiously with Donald Trump? Did he put 'tough', 'cheeky' provocative questions to the EU's powers-that-be and make them recoil with disdain or fury?

Er...not exactly. In fact, quite the opposite:
Prime Minister (of somewhere): Thank you. I now open the floor to questions. We'll start with the gentleman in middle here. Chris?  
Chris Morris, BBC: Thank you, Prime Minister. It's Chris Morris, BBC. And there's obviously been a lot of concern growing about a potential gap in expectations between London and the rest of the EU about how these negotiations are going to proceed. Mrs Merkel, as you know, spoke about illusions in London this week. Can you give any clarity about what the problem is? Is it about the size of the actual settlement? Is it about the fact that, Mr Tusk you seem to suggest, that you haven't had a serious British proposal yet on the issue of citizens' rights? And, secondly, was there anything in the debate today between the 27 which surprised you? Or is your unity so absolute that there were no surprises at all?
As Diane Abbott was wont to say of Keith Vaz, "Slurp, slurp!"

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  1. The Brexit Bullshit Corporation is working overtime...even on a Bank Holiday Weekend.


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