Friday 7 April 2017

Lorry rams crowds

It’s terrible to hear about another vehicular attack; as someone online laments: “and Sweden isn’t even involved in fighting ISIS!”

The BBC says: “Stockholm lorry rams crowds, killing at least three people” and tells us that Swedish officials are calling it a terrorist attack.

At the bottom of the page they have this “Timeline”:

Oddly enough, it seems like only yesterday when the BBC reported another vehicle ramming. Oh yes, it was yesterday.

Why does the BBC think car-rammings in Israel are somehow not worth including in their  "Vehicle ramming Timeline" ?

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  1. Sadly such sub standard fare is here to stay.

    Today I learned that some acid attacked some people, and not much else.

    Thanks to the internet I have some historical context should the BBC and especially its Asian Network feel it 'not helpful' to pursue.


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