Sunday 8 April 2018

Careless talk

During this morning paper review on The Andrew Marr Show, Andrew Marr made the following statement:
The Middle East is aflame again. There's lots of Palestinian kids being killed further south as well by the Israeli forces.
As a context-free assertion of Israeli villainy that's surely pretty hard to beat. 

According to Gaza's Hamas-run Health Ministry, three Palestinian children (two 17 year olds and a 16 year old) have been killed over the past couple of weeks during the violent Hamas-organised anti-Israel protests on the Gaza border. 

To describe this as "lots of Palestinian kids being the Israeli forces" is typical of the kind of casual, inflammatory slur that so often gets slung in Israel's direction.

I'd have expected better from Andrew Marr.


  1. I am not in a position to judge the actions of the Israeli forces, but as regard the question of “rights”, Israel has a right, in fact a duty to protect its own citizens. Meanwhile, in the same region arabs are killing other arabs on a horrific scale.

    1. And Saudi Arabia maintains no Jew may live within its borders, in line with Sharia. Marr is not a talented interviewer, analyst or entertainer. He is standard issue: ex student Trot, PC multiculturalist with a metro-elite built in bias.

    2. Very well put MB. As are many of the BBC reporters.

  2. I'm sure no-one at the Beeb gave that line even a moment's thought. It just fits in so comfortably with their groupthink on the "Palestine" issue that they wouldn't notice how loaded, biased and inaccurate it is.


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