Sunday 29 April 2018

This crowded isle

Here's a remarkable visualisation, courtesy of Oxford University's Max Roser - "a cartogram of where the world population lives – each square represents the home of half a million people" (click to enlarge):

Canada and Russia are particularly striking, with Canada barely visible and Russia shrinking drastically. Also striking is the largeness of the United Kingdom. Evidently (despite what Mark Easton says) we are a densely populated country.


  1. We have just under one hundredth of the population of the globe but only about one two thousandth of the global land area. Someone should tell Mark we're already doing out bit to house the population of the world. You might say we're overfulfilling the plan by a factor of 20! And the UK is an unusually mountainous and boggy sort of's not as though you can easily build anywhere you like.

  2. Yet politicians, economists, businesspeople and journalists continue the myth that we don't have enough houses. And wonder why people hate the 'elites'....


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