Sunday 22 September 2019

A Marked man

Mark Steel's in Space (by the looks of it)

Oh dear! Even Radio 4's funniest far-left comedian (and cheekie chappie) Mark Steel has fallen foul of the usual suspects on Twitter.

Maybe Labour should make their position even clearer, by saying they’ll campaign to leave on days when it drizzles and to remain when it stops, and instead of a referendum there will be a national contest of Hungry Hippos. 
This, inevitably, resulted in a pile-on by disapproving adherents of the Corbyn Cult, leading to Mark's second tweet on the subject:
A number of Labour supporters tell me the reason I, or anyone else, is unconvinced by the Labour policy on Europe, is I’m “stupid.” That’s certainly won me round, and should be a huge vote-winner on the doorstep.
The Cult, however, is sticking to its guns. Mark remains stupid. 

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  1. It's always the same with these lefties...they hear the sound of marching feet and assume they are about to witness the glorious proletarian forces advancing to wipe out the "Tories"...Instead it's the sound of the secret police squad coming to arrest them for counter-revolutionary renegade activity.

    Should we feel sorry for them? Nah.


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