Thursday 19 September 2019


Douglas Murray illustrated his article about James O’Brien with a maliciously delicious picture. O’Brien is the only person I can think of who’s got cellulite on his forehead.
The fact that someone at the BBC saw fit to hire him as a presenter boggles belief. A mixed metaphor, but it’ll do.

Why did anyone at the Beeb think he was suitable for Newsnight? (Literally un-suitable, as in unable to wear a suit in the normal manner.) He's more at home in manky old T-shirts in keeping with his demeanour; rude, uncouth and obnoxious.


  1. Surely they must have realised he had a dim look on his face as he squinted at the autocue? Such quirks are acceptable to Newsnight producers if you have the right views. That explains why "Rocking Ben Chu" who makes the viewer seasick if they don't move in time is employed.

  2. They did think Paul Mason was the bees knees for a long old while.

    Paul is doing sterling work and even gets invited back to share.


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