Tuesday 24 September 2019

More last words on John Humphrys

The case for the prosecution continues:  
Humphrys – the BBC’s bias-monger in chief, by David Keighley 
Shameful silence of Humphrys over the Iraq dodgy dossier, by Kathy Gyngell

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  1. I place Humphrys in what I would call SDP territory. I can see him having been an enthusiast for a "modern, thrusting" form of social democracy, breaking away from the old Labour movement but still focussed on a class analysis. I can see him being disappointed by the EU as David Owen was, though in Humphrys' case he still voted Remain.

    That's probably the best way to understand his views. He's out of sympathy with the PC culture, with its many intersectional privileges, and doesn't like Labour's return to Far Left Marxist ways...and he doesn't like the PC and pro-Labour bias he sees around him. But he certainly has no sympathy with Conservatives (unlike Andrew Neil...just about the only BBC commentator who gives mainstream conservatives a hearing).


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