Saturday 14 September 2019

Nigel Farage (geoff) boycotts the BBC. The BBC begs him to reappear

At least Andrew Marr didn't ask him about Paddington Bear

Thus spake Nigel...

(h/t MB):
I appeared with Andrew Marr in the European Elections, when we were heading the polls in the European Elections, and I was treated like a war criminal. 
It was just extraordinary. You’d have thought I was at Nuremberg for something awful I’d done. 
They’re now begging me every week on email to reappear. So far I keep telling them I’m washing my hair. 
 I don’t think we need the BBC as much as we used to. I think their behaviour has been disgusting at every level. They are utterly biased. 
But mercifully fewer people watch them or listen to them. 
May that trend continue.

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