Sunday 29 September 2019

Going with the flow

I don’t think I need to write much about Andrew Marr’s embarrassing performance with Boris Johnson this morning. Everyone on Twitter is having a massive go at him. I don’t think Andy did himself or the BBC any good at all. 
Not only was the “interruption quotient” through the roof (i don’t think the PM was allowed to finish one sentence) but it looked as though Marr was trying to extract a ‘gotcha’, and the pettiness of the questioning was stultifying and totally counterproductive.

I’m not the only one who noticed the comparatively smooth ride enjoyed by Angela Rayner moments later. A joyride, even. Marr didn’t even bat an eyelid at her assertion that he (Boris) “called Muslim women letterboxes”.  
And, as people say these days to display their commonality with the zeitgeist and to show that they’re only going with the flow: “It’s not just me saying it”.  Everyone on Twitter sys it too.


  1. We are told that Cummings is something of a war games expert. Rule number one is know your enemy. Boris has drawn the fire with a quiet confidence without getting rattled. Marr was more of the same - it's a peashooter against a well thought out strategy. Boris can afford to wait.

    If Guido's suggestion that the Labour led rebel alliance will try to slip through a Bill for the voting age to be lowered to sixteen whilst the Conservative Party conference is underway, then such a proposal will horrify the public, expose the rebels as shallow opportunists, and merely strengthen the PM's position.

    1. Will they stop at 16 year olds? Why not give EU nationals the vote as well? That is the Rabble Alliance's plan for the rigged rerun of the Referendum I believe.

      Remainiacs will stop at nothing. We can't even be sure that electoral management will be fair at a local level. We have seen how at a national level the Election Commission operate as a pro-left, pro-Remain organisation. The actions re Peterborough, where there was clear fraud speaks volumes.

  2. I saw the Andrew Marr interview... constant interruptions and a tetchy Marr who failed to score any points he believed would be the "gotchas" he expected. All in all a pretty poor effort on Marr's part.

    The BBC interview technique for Tories is to interrupt continually and not allow them to finish their sentences, while those the BBC approves of are given free rein to waffle on uninterrupted and unchallenged when spouting airy fairy ideas.


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