Saturday 14 September 2019

Any answers?

It's an old question, and I think we already know the answer, but here is is again:
Why did Any Answers?, where Britain had the chance to listen properly to one another & host was near invisible, go downmarket wth making callers who differ from Anita Anand's approved views have to justify themselves to her, while she intrudes, comments, interrogates, rudely?
And don't forget all her endless expressive noises - hums, ahems, oohs, ers, gurgles, etc!

Oh, and here's another question:
Was there ever anything so superfluous as Anita Anand telling the audience what are the subjects of Any Answers? Still, gives her the chance to make it sound like the Anita Anand Show, to use proprietorial language, prior to rude inappropriate interrogation. 

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