Sunday 8 September 2019

"Today hasn’t taken a collective decision on this, it’s my personal policy"

Like all broadcasters, [Nick] Robinson receives non-stop flak for bias. Twitter loves reminding us that in 1987 he was briefly chairman of the National Young Conservatives. Less reported is the fact that Labour approached him (unsuccessfully) to become Ed Miliband’s spin doctor. His friends and family also give him grief if they feel their views have not received sufficient airtime. 
"Like everyone, they’re feeling rage and anger; passions are higher than they’ve ever been. I get a lot of, ‘Why didn’t you ask this?’ ” For that reason, he’s started actively trying to reveal the show’s mechanisms to listeners, this week pointing out that the government was unable to field anyone to defend its withdrawing the whip from rebel Tory MPs. “If you’re ranting about why the other point of view has been forgotten, I want to be able say, ‘It will be on in an hour’ or the reason you will not be hearing a minister defend this is because they chose not to put up a candidate. Today hasn’t taken a collective decision on this, it’s my personal policy.”


  1. Out-of-control megalomaniac not playing by the rules and prepared to bring down the whole system just to get his own way, like a spoiled child. Yes - that's you, Nick, not Boris.

  2. The big headed Nick thinks he should be able to summon politicians to answer his questions and blame their absence as some kind of shameful act for failure to justify themselves. He is not Parliament to whom ministers are accountable and there are plenty of people he could ask to put forward opposite views to "balance" his one sided biased reporting.

    The BBC puts up remain supporters all the time and reporters respectfully listen to their views while the odd leave supporter is always interrupted and heckled.


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