Saturday 14 September 2019

Hair he is again!

Who's behind the beard?

Christopher Snowden of the IEA ('who funds them?') tweeted the following yesterday:
If you’re tweeting about Tommy Robinson’s release from prison today, be sure to mention that he was born Stephen Yaxley-Lennon because apparently this owns him in some way.
The BBC's Dominic Casciani - a man who grew a beard a couple of years or so back and whose stage name is 'BBC DomC' - must have read Christopher's tweet and taken his advice to heart. Here were the BBC man's three tweets on the subject yesterday:
  1. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the anti-Muslim/Islam campaigner who goes by the stage name Tommy Robinson, is out of jail and apparently looking for a hairdresser to sort out his barnet before he goes back to the microphone.
  2. His 9-week sentence appears short - but is in actual fact the halfway point of a nine-month term served in two parts (he was initially locked up for contempt of court in May 2018).
  3. Once he's paid for a haircut, he needs some change for his whopping legal bills (see pic of the Attorney General's costs). He's asking fans to help pay that plus £84k for an appeal.
Do I detect a mocking tone there from BBC DomC (aka Dominic Casciani)? Surely not, from someone so impartial! 

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  1. Dominic has a "thing" about TR, ever since his BBC mate Daniel Sandford committed a contempt of judicial proceedings by tweeting about TR's criminal record in relation to ongoing proceedings...he had to delete the tweet and stop tweeting about TR. I think Mad Dom felt he had to pick up the flaming torch of outraged no-borders liberalism on behalf of Dan and the whole of the BBC.


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