Saturday 7 September 2019

Butt of the joke

As Arthur T notes on the open thread, there's a BBC News website article headlined Why we need internet jokes and memes more than ever that makes Jacob Rees-Mogg the butt of all but one of the jokes. And the exception is a joke about Brexit supporters in general. 

Why not feature a range of targets for recent internet jokes or memes, especially if you're meant to be seen as an impartial news source? 

As Monkey Brains notes, the latest retweet from the BBC reporter responsible, Will Chalk (whose name sounds like the personal motto of a fine old-fashioned schoolteacher), is from present-day BBC favourite Ash ("literally a communist") Sarkar, mocking Boris Johnson. And if you scroll on, it's one of several retweets from the BBC's William of our Ash. He also retweeted her saying, "I don’t think 7% of the country should produce 84% of British Prime Ministers. That’s why I’m backing the campaign to integrate fee-paying schools into the state system. #AbolishEton" and also a retweet mocking swimmer Sharron Davies for noting the importance of male-female relationships in the survival of our species.

Now, of course, it may be wrong to impute bias to him from this. Maybe, his inclinations are more romantic in nature - perhaps, ironically, in a Sharron Davies male-female kind of way?


  1. Good one! Will Chalk - Won't Think.

    When Fran walks down the corridor heading off to another "Editorial Standards" meeting they must all snigger behind her back...

  2. Newsbeat, the Radio 1 news gathering part of BBC News, must provide a training ground for aspiring BBC journalists. Pro EU, anti Brexit, and anti Conservative is the only possible launch pad for such budding bright sparks.


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