Saturday 7 September 2019

Why is billionaire George Soros a object of sympathy for the BBC?

The BBC seems to relish acting as St. George towards poor George Soros, with Mr Soros in the role of cruelly-used Princess and "the hard-right" as the nasty Dragon. 

This weekend they are riding out, lances aloft, with a BBC News website article headlined Why is billionaire George Soros a bogeyman for the hard right? and an accompanying BBC Two programme tomorrow night titled Conspiracy Files: The Billionaire Global Mastermind? 

The blurb for the latter runs as follows:
How billionaire George Soros has become a bogeyman around the world. Are allegations of secret Soros plots to overthrow governments and flood countries with migrants simply a product of anti-Semitism?
A taster clip for the programme - seen here - makes the programme's likely 'take' very clear. Its line will be that Mr Soros's accusers are "conspiracy theorists", that their "conspiracies theories" are underpinned by antisemitism, and that such "conspiracy theories" have "deadly consequences". 

The website article by the BBC's Mike Rudin is chockablock with defenders of Mr Soros and lays out the case against his accusers with single-minded purpose. 

Wonder if George Soros will be tuning in?


  1. How very, very odd. Have the "hard left" suddenly fallen in love with multi-billionaires and given up on their favourite conspiracy theories? I somehow doubt it...but the BBC isn't interested in hard left "conspiracy theories" including Paul Mason's rather bizarre idea there has been a "coup" when the leader of the "coup" is desperately trying to hold a democratic election!

    I think of these pieces as "outriders". The main battle may be taking place in Wesminster with the factions taking lumps out of each other, but the BBC knows it is important not just to weigh in against populism in Westminster but to seek out any pockets of resistance anywhere. So we have these "outrider" programmes that seek and destroy anything that could be negative to the cause of politically correct pro-EU multiculturalism.

    Just look at the facts is what I would say. Why would a Hungarian American involve himself so much in our politics, funding a range of fake "Think Tanks" and lobby groups to overturn our democratic vote in 2016? Is it a philanthropic endeavour as the BBC would have us believe?

    You don't have to be a conspiracy nut to think that his influence in our politics is not welcome.

  2. The preview in The Sunday Times reads:

    "It’s strange that the title of this profile doesn’t mention George Soros, because every minute of it is about the investment king. In the opening section, accusations by America’s far right — that he’s the puppeteer behind everything from anti-fascist marches to the migrant “caravan” — are detailed, dismissed and linked to past anti-semitic slurs; then the claims that he “flooded” Europe with refugees are rejected, too. Though the arguments are cogent, the charge-rebuttal method is wearyingly leaden: surely a conventional profile would have been more compelling?"


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