Sunday 22 September 2019

John McDonnell's War On The Media

You may have missed this, but here's something startling from the Huffington Post:
Labour will not “take shit” from the media during the snap general election campaign, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has warned.  
At the event called ‘The Media War On Labour - And How To Defeat It’, which was organised by Morning Star and funded by Unite the union, senior party figures accused a “right wing press” of ruining Labour’s chances of victory at the polls and of being biased.  
McDonnell claimed to have seen newspaper articles tell “lie after lie after lie” and pointed to independent research [ed - interruption counting by a far-left website] which said he was interrupted 21 times in comparison to zero times former Tory minister Amber Rudd in two separate interviews [ed - by Kirsty Wark on Newsnight]. 
“It was the same on Question Time, I was interrupted more than any panel member put together [sic],” the shadow chancellor said. 
McDonnell said: “We have to make sure that when we use live broadcast in particular, because they can’t edit it out, we do it more effectively and as best we can - and we don’t take the shit anymore. We don’t take shit anymore.”  
He claimed there were outlets where editors “refuse to report the truth”, adding that Labour activists must “use the broadcast media that we have” and “make sure that we do know what we are talking about when we go on air”.  
McDonnell also claimed that journalists resiled from criticising Labour “because we’re the threat”, and added: “We are going to make the owners of these newspapers pay their taxes.  
“We are going to make them accountable in Leveson part 2, and we are going to make them responsible for their actions.” 
He's not always the kind, cuddly, cardigan-wearning old uncle he seems on TV, is he? 


  1. Looks like the teenagers at Huff Post don't know what "to resile from" means!

    I have long predicted a full assault on the media by Far Left Labour. This will include the BBC. They will find ways to make their pressure felt e.g. they will probably appoint their cronies to the EHRC and Ofcom and then launch aggressive investigations into the BBC to make sure they toe the line. They may revive the old Bennite idea of there being a BBC national newspaper, though their friends at the Guardian might not be too happy about that. Can't see the BBC being unhappy at being "forced" to operate a national newspaper.

  2. “make sure that we do know what we are talking about when we go on air”. That might be a tricky one. Has anyone explained that to Dianne Abbot and Emily Thornberry.


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