Monday 20 July 2020

Cancel Shamima

I insist I’m neither doubling down nor moving the goalposts, but if you’ve read my previous post on Shamima Begum I hope you haven’t put me down as some sort of Guardian-reading apologist for  innocent young girls who run away to find adventure and romance by becoming jihadi brides.

On the contrary. I have very little sympathy for that particular individual. None whatsoever, really.

I had watched the Triggernometry video below before I spotted it in the comments and intended to post it myself.  If you listen to Dr Ella Hill’s account of her experience of being groomed, you’ll get an idea of why I think making a massive issue out of whether Ms Begum should be left to rot in Hell or let back here to plead her case   - which is not ‘for’ ISIS by the way, but against being stripped of her British citizenship - is a mistake. 

The fate of this one foolish woman pales into insignificance next to the broader issue of the folly of pandering to Islam. Or, as some would have it - to the ‘wrong kind’ of Islam. 

If the description of the twisted attitude that many Pakistani Muslim men hold towards Western women and culture isn’t shocking enough for the lawmakers and politicians, then the constraints put upon the police in the name of political correctness and racial/cultural sensitivities “There’s nothing we can do about it” should convince us all that things have already gone much too far. Watch it and despair.
“White slag, white whore, white c**t” “His idea of what a good Muslim was and a bad non-Muslim was, or a good believer and a bad unbeliever” 

“In the mind of these grooming gangs, if you’re not covered, down to your ankles, down to your wrists, if your hem doesn’t cover your knees, then you’re asking to be raped. 

Or if you’re not washing in the way you should wash as a good Muslim - if you’re eating pork you’re unclean or dirty - to use a knife and fork, you’re dirty if you don’t eat food with your hands - there’s lots of narrative within the grooming gangs which makes hatred of white people a justification for what they’re doing; and all the scriptural things like what they’re allowed to do once you’ve started your period that you can and can’t do. Before you’ve started your period you’ve got to do ‘thighing’ which is another type of sexual molestation which doesn’t involve penetration.”
If anyone truly believes that one token woman festering in a pit of her own making would mark an end to the matter, they’re clutching at straws. Stripping Begum of her British citizenship has already given tacit permission (for those that wish to do so) to depict her as a martyr.

Incidentally, Professor Alderman makes a case against the principle of stripping people of their British citizenship.
Whether Begum is made to stay or allowed to return, the likelihood is that the media will glorify her.  If she comes here and receives a lenient sentence, the media will very probably Nadia Hussain-ify her; by the look of the angelic picture in the Guardian, this is already happening.

 People can change. Look at Maajid Nawaz, a former member of Hizb-ut-Tahrir. Personally, I was one of the last people to accept his sincerity - and truth be told, I still have my reservations. Nevertheless, I regard Sahmima Begum as a completely lost cause and I think the media should do the thing they seem best at these days. 

Cancel her!

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