Tuesday 7 July 2020

"How can white women not be Karens?"

It might be that the BBC actually united the nation yesterday, given that pretty much everyone objected to this tweet and held the BBC in contempt for it:

It took about 24 hours, but the BBC finally deleted it - 'cancelled' it so to speak. 

For quiz fans though, and because I like setting quizzes, here's a 'Karens' quiz. 

Name the following:

(a) Scottish actress who played a Doctor Who assistant. 
(b) Associated with Out of Africa.
(c) New Haven-born singer and drummer who died aged 32.
(d) South African-born actress who played the wife of Arthur Rudge in a British sitcom.
(e) Country against which the Karen National Union fought a decades-long war.

Answers to follow later.

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