Sunday 19 February 2017

"A kind of Wagnerian raspberry"

Andrew Marr's introduction this morning ran as follows:
Oh, it's very, very bad. People of Britain! When it comes to Brexit, think again. You don't have to do this. Thus, Tony Blair this week. And what came back was a kind of Wagnerian raspberry. Is it actually all over for Remain? To talk about Tony Blair and "rising up" against Brexit, I'm joined by one of his closest political friends, the former cabinet minister, Lord Mandelson. From a master of the political game of chess to the real thing. I've been speaking to former world champion, Garry Kasparov, about his opposition to Putin and Donald Trump. Responding for the government, Justice Secretary Liz Truss. She'll be talking too about the images of drugs, violence and anarchy in prisons on our TV screens this week. And speaking of anarchy, I've been talking to Tom Hollander about his dazzling return to the stage in a Tom Stoppard classic. Describe the play briefly omitting all but essential detail. Act one. Plus we've got music from Chuck Prophet, the sound of 'California Noir'. That's my editor's desperate attempt to make me seem even slightly cool. Didn't work! Reviewing the papers this morning, the Labour MP, Caroline Flint, Tim Shipman of the Sunday Times, and UKIP's only MP, Douglas Carswell. All that coming up soon, but first the news with Christian Fraser.
It must be BBC policy to introduce Mr. Carswell as "UKIP's only MP" on his every appearance!


  1. Introducing Carswell that way is 'accurate'. Objection overruled. The paper review and his segment with Mandelson revealed just how desperate Marr is getting about Brexit. When Flint said the matter was decided and the only thing to do was to get the best deal, Marr responded by asking, "No matter what happens to the economy?" Project Fear lives on. That's all he's got left.

    Worse was Mandelson later on saying that because lots of people voted to Remain, their opinions had to be taken into account when making the final Brexit deal. No challenge from Marr. So every election winner needs to introduce policies from the opposition based on the proportion of votes?

    Marr was trying to play objective interviewer with Mandelson, but it was very obvious he was hoping for better answers. He didn't challenge Mandelson's Project Fear claims, of course. He just went with the political optics angles. At least he did challenge the claim that Boris Johnson said Britain would stay in the Single Market.

    I don't know if I want to stick around and watch what will probably be a Liz Truss car crash. She'd crash all alone on an eight-lane highway with no other cars on the horizon in broad daylight.

    'California Noir' sounds an awful lot like Tom Petty.

    1. Oh yes, Liz Truss crashed all right.

      You're not wrong about 'California Noir', come to think of it. Tom Petty never did very well in the UK, either as a Heartbreaker or a Travelling Wilbury. I was an avid US charts listener in my teens.


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