Sunday 19 February 2017

Ticked off

The Mail on Sunday has a BBC story today about a BBC reporter, James Longman, "using his role at the Corporation to get a date": BBC 'Beirut Beefcake' seeks a love story by posting screengrabs on Tinder of himself reporting on Syria. The piece, in passing, includes the following information:
James was ticked off by the Beeb last month for breaking their social media policy after he shared an Instagram photo comparing Donald Trump's press conference to a speech by former Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi. 
So, they do still get a rap on the knuckles for displaying bias on social media platforms it seems. A previous Mail article says "James was hastily 'reminded of BBC policy'", before ending: 
His excuse? He was merely commenting on the coherence of the speech, not likening Trump to Gaddafi. Nice try James!
If James Longman got a ticking off for that then surely dozens of other, often high-profile BBC reporters should have very sore knuckles by now, given the way they've been carrying on on Twitter recently?

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  1. BBC World News just compared the words of President Trump with the deeds of Stalin and Mao.

    This has ticked off others.

    The response from Complaints, Trust, etc will be interesting.


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