Friday 17 February 2017


Last night's Newsnight ended with a discussion about Mrs May's extremely low-key approach to the media. 

Being Newsnight it was dominated by left-of-centre voices, but was still interesting nonetheless - especially for Steve Richards's insightful-seeming description of the Prime Minister's character and its effect on her approach to the media:
Her approach is really interesting, I think. She, as a personality, is much shyer than Tony Blair, David Cameron. I think she's a shy person. It's quite interesting, in such a public position. I think her media performances are authentically awkward because she is shy. So she doesn't enjoy them. Cameron and Blair, on the whole, enjoyed them. And so it's partly her own reticence. Now she can get away with it with opinion poll leads and an opposition in disarray. But there will be times when it becomes an issue for her. I've got no doubt. 
Have we ever had a shy prime minister before?

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