Saturday 25 February 2017

Half the story

A breaking story that's not on the BBC News website's home page or on its UK page (it broke about 3 hours ago) is the jailing at the Old Bailey this lunchtime of Mohammed Mayow and Mohanned Jasim on terrorist offences. The story can be found, however, on the BBC's England page. Just. 

The BBC's account is lacking in some of the important details you find in, say, the Daily Express's account. (h/t DB). 

The Express, for example, reports that the judge in the case "expressed her surprise at the Home Office giving a terrorist a UK passport just days before he tried to travel to the Middle East".

As well as quoting the judge, the Express says:
Mohanned Jasim, 22, told officials he wanted a one-way travel document to go to war-torn Iraq.  
Instead, he was granted UK citizenship and given a passport.  
Just one week later he was stopped by police at Dover with fellow Jihadist Mohammed Mayow. 
 There's nothing about any of that in the BBC's report.


  1. Is that Express report accurate? Bizarre on so many levels.

    1. There's are some minor discrepancies, but the Daily Mail says much the same thing as the Express too (and in far greater detail):

    2. But you're still supposed to trust Theresa May on immigration and national security. Good grief.

  2. Who can but marvel at the incredible balance of the UK judicial system that it ensures all "difficult" adjudications take place very late on a Friday afternoon? Imagine if we had a judicial system where sentences popped up at random?


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